IoE CommSuite

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IoE CommSuite solutions provide key building blocks to enable diverse applications in various different vertical markets.

The Internet of Everywhere (IoE) Solution combines the benefits of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the last mile connectivity and the Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity using 3G/LTE terrestrial networks, backed up with a Satcom network offering an unparalleled combination providing high availability and truly global coverage. The LPWAN’s long range, low power and low cost make it uniquely suitable in a diverse range of applications. Combining this with highly reliable global satellite network and terrestrial network combination, this solution connects devices and sensors anywhere on the globe.

Device Management Server:

  • Device provisioning and configuration
  • Monitoring and status updates
  • Connectivity setup

IoT Applications Server:

  • Logistics Assets Management
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Smart Metering and Smart Lighting
  • Under Water/Flood Monitoring
  • Construction and Mining
  • Farm Animal Tracking
  • Wildlife Poaching Prevention