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for Weather Forecast, Optimal Routing and Fish Finding

The solution presents current and forecasted weather, ocean and fishing conditions downloaded from the server on demand in a highly compressed format, which includes ocean and global winds, waves, ocean currents, surface pressure, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, lifted index and 500 mb levels etc. With its intelligent content algorithm, it provides an optimal routing and departure planning based on the prevailing and predicted weather and ocean conditions.

It also provides extensive sets of high resolution sea surface temperature, sea surface height, salinity, chlorophyll and mixed layer depth for recreational, big game and commercial fishers with useful fishing information that helps to find the appropriate fishing location before they set off for fishing.

Key Features:

  • Current and forecasted ocean weather
  • Optimal vessel routing and departure planning
  • Finding optimal fishing areas

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to plan ahead based on weather conditions
  • Helps in optimal rerouting in case of changing weather conditions
  • Helps to plan fishing route and schedule by finding the optimal fishing areas for the fishes of interest

Target Applications:

  • Recreational, Big Game and Commercial Fishing