CatchLog - Food Safety Manager

An optional add-on to the CatchLog is the Food Safety Manager. It is a software module that saves up to 10 hours per week on Food Safety and traceability requirements. In response to the need for a streamlined method of meeting the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements for Food Safety, a Food Safety Manager is offered to make it easy for fishers to setup an Approved Arrangement (AA) and to meet reporting requirements.

The Food Safety Manager is linked to the CatchLog Pro software which means that the monitoring and verification activities required to support your AA is documented when the daily catch is entered. Prompts will appear, with a check list, to make sure that the routine tasks required to maintain your AA are not overlooked. The skipper, after reading through the check list and being satisfied that all AA requirements have been meet, simply clicks on the Save button. Depending on the vessels specific AA requirements the skipper may need to enter a few more details such as, Daily freezer temperatures, Product temperature and any other parameters that you have set in the Setup Wizard. It is that simple to meet the daily AA requirements.

Documents that can be generated include, Duty Statements for Crew, A Declaration of Occupiers Commitment (Policy Statement), Standard Operating Procedures and completed forms including unload details in a Transfer Certificate format and Corrective Action Reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Prompts Food Safety requirements through the day to ensure processes and procedures are followed
  • Greatly reduces errors and inaccuracies in reporting
  • Reduces time for auditing to meet compliance
  • Records training requirements and updates
  • Tailored to your specific export/import and local approved arrangement (AA) scheme
  • Designed to assist requirements for major supermarket chains