FaxConnect - Interface device for faxing via satellite




FaxConnectTM is a fascimile interface device customised for WideyeTM Seagull 5000i satellite terminal to enable the sending and receiving of faxes over the Thuraya Satellite network using a standard G3 analog fax machine.

Seagull 5000i is a voice and data satellite terminal with a built-in GPS tracking system specially designed for reliable performance in the harsh and wet maritime or land environment. It is an affordable, easy-to-install and user-friendly terminal which enables users to make satellite voice calls to normal PSTN phones, mobile phones and other satellite phones through the Thuraya satellite network.



Mobile Orginated (MO) fax Transmit

A fax from the local fax machine is received by and stored in Seagull5000i before sending over the Thuraya satellite network to the receiving fax machine

Mobile Terminated (MT) fax Receive

A fax from the far end fax machine is received by and stored in Seagull 5000i before printing to the local fax machine.

Point to Point fax (Seagull 5000i Seagull 5000i)

Sending and receiving faxes between two Seagull 5000i systems





file icon pdf Faxconnect brochure (English)

file icon pdf Faxconnect brochure (Simplified Chinese)