World’s largest BGAN terminal deployment


Our land portable Class 3 BGAN terminal continued to demonstrate success in the market place with all the 5,500 Wideye SABRE™ I terminals were successfully deployed by Smartmatic together with about 82,200 automated voting machines across 7,107 islands in the Philippines  for its 2010 National Elections held on 10 May 2010.. The deployment set the record as the world’s largest BGAN terminal deployment for a single project with over 1,400 Wideye SABRE™ I terminals transmitting data simultaneously at a peak, a feat which outdone our previously held world record in October 2008 when 1,200 Wideye SABRE™ I terminals were deployed in facilitating Brazil’s first round of municipal elections.

The Philippines’ 2010 National Elections (comprising the Presidential, Legislative and Local Elections) was the first computerised elections to be held in the country. It was a big success with the first set of results delivered within 30 minutes after the close of voting and 92% of the votes of the entire country transmitted and tallied within 24 hours, a herculean accomplishment unheard of in the country’s past history of elections.