Land Portable


The Land Portable Class 3 BGAN terminal, SABRE™ I, is one of the first satellite terminal developed and commercialised by Addvalue under the brand Wideye™. It is light, portable, cost-efficient and convenient to use. Its built-in user interface allows quick set-up and supports multiple data interfaces including Ethernet and Analog Phone. BGAN, the mobile communications service, is offered via the Inmarsat-4 satellite system.

Over the years, other derivatives under the SABRE™ family are developed  to meet the needs of users who demand high mobility and easy access even in remote locations where communications via traditional communications channels is difficult. The product is therefore suitable for a variety of users from a wide range of industries such as corporate/financial services, media and communications, construction, oil and gas/energy as well as the military, aeronautical and maritime sectors.


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