SABRE I REMOTE BGAN SatelliteTerminal

SABRE 1 Remote


The SABRE™ I Remote is an enhanced SABRE™ I terminal that comes with an additional remote command and control capability via a SMS IP activation/deactivation feature specifically tailored for remote unmanned SCADA applications.

The SABRE™ Shield provides protection for such outdoor installations against all weather conditions. Besides SCADA applications, it can be used whenever a SABRE™ I or SABRE™ I Remote terminal needs to be installed in the open.



Standard BGAN Features

  • Simultaneous voice SMS & data communications
  • Data rate up to 384 kbps
  • Built-in Ethernet and Analog Phone interfaces
  • Supports voice, SMS, email, messaging, VPN, FTP, VoIP, FoIP and video media streaming
  • Designed for non-technical user
    • Swiveled antenna mount facilitates easy pointing
    • Simple to use menu interface
    • Light weight, robust and reliable
  • IP watchdog

 Additional SCADA features

  • Enhanced firmware for reliable continuous BGAN network connectivity
  • Remote PDP activation / deactivation via SMS
  • Reboot terminal via SMS
  • 24/7 Always-on capability


  • IP 66
  • Easy installation with mounting bracket
  • Single multi function cable
  • Robust industrial grade connector